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Flying Birds Self-Adhesive Wall Decal


Let your home decor take flight with these simple yet elegant flying birds vinyl wall stickers.

A popular way to bring birds into your interior, these vinyl sticker decals will make you feel like you are surrounded by a beautiful flock of birds.

Visitors will rave about the magical effect these stickers have on the room.

Stick them on your walls or on your windows and enjoy the ambience of some feathered friends around you!


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  • Measurements: May differ by application. Bird stickers come together in a piece measuring 42 cm x 44 cm (16.5 inches x 17 inches). Application exactly like in the picture will measure 111 cm x 101 cm (44 inches x 40 inches)
  • The stickers come in a sheet bunched close together. You will need to cut and stick them according to the recommended design for the effect you see in the pictures. It is also possible to use your creativity and apply them in a different design.
  • Material: Vinyl, Self-adhesive sticker
  • Stickers can be applied to clean and smooth walls, tiles, windows, metal, wooden surfaces and plastic surfaces.
  • Some wall decals may come in different pieces due to the size of the design
  • Vinyl wall decals are removable but not repositionable
  • Easy DIY installation. No glue needed

Application instructions:

  1. Cover the transfer film on the vinyl wall decal and scrape it with a plastic card again and again.
  2. Cut individual parts of the sticker around the shape of each piece you wish to apply.
  3. Peel off the transfer film from the paper sheet. The sticker will now be on the transfer film.
  4. Press the film against the wall or window or other surface you wish to apply the decal to in the direction you want the sticker to appear. Scrape it with the card again.
  5. Peel off the transfer film from the decal.
  6. Your wall decal will now be up on the wall. Enjoy!