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You are the Northern Cardinal - Charismatic & Loyal

You are the Northern Cardinal - Charismatic & Loyal

You are attractive and are a charmer wherever you go. People are drawn to your charismatic personality. And you can easily be everyone’s favorite.

You are the perfect combination of conspicuousness, loyalty and style. But that doesn’t make you showy or arrogant. You are dedicated and humble, loyal to your partner and devoted to your family. You are a great parent and even better provider. Family is important to you and you make sure your family is safe and taken care of. While you like spending time with your partner and your family, you are also social and like to work in groups. You can be protective of your turf and territory, but as long as that isn’t violated you get along with everyone pretty well. You like to settle down in one place as opposed to always being on the move, which is why home is very important to you. You don’t like to move from your home town, but you can easily adapt to changing climates, environments and settings.

About the Northern Cardinal:

Perhaps one of the most beloved birds out there, the Northern Cardinal’s songs and bright plumage make it a favorite bird of many. It is also the state bird of a seven states (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia) and is also the preferred name of a famous baseball team. Cardinals are known for typically being loyal mates and the sweet love serenade when the male feeds the female during breeding. Both male and female cardinals share in the duties of parenthood. Cardinals also spend their time in flocks when searching for food. They can be very territorial and fiercely protect their territory from intruding birds, sometimes even seen fighting their own reflection in a window or mirror. Because of their ability to adapt to different environments, the Northern Cardinals can be found in diverse environments from Florida and Mexico to snowy and cold areas like New York and Canada.

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