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You are the Lovebird - Affectionate & Entertaining

You are the Lovebird - Affectionate & Entertaining

You are loyal to and affectionate with your partner and you aren’t shy to display that love in front of others. People often call you the cute couple that is sweet and playful and a pleasure to be around. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some who are put off by what they call your ‘public displays of affection’, but you don’t care. As long as you and your partner are happy, you are least concerned about what others think.

You normally don’t pick up a fight, but you can be quite aggressive if someone hurts your partner or threatens your turf. Otherwise, you are easy to get along with, talkative and energetic. Those who love you, enjoy having you around. 

About Lovebirds:

A favorite among bird enthusiasts and a popular pet, Lovebirds - a small genus of the parrot - trace their origins to the African continent. Any Lovebirds that you see in the United States are usually part of feral populations that have either escaped from the aviary or remnants of an abandoned aviary. They are often a symbol of love in popular culture and are monogamous birds that love their partner and engage in play and feeding activities that strengthen that bond. The birds can sometimes be territorial and aggressive with other species.
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