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You are the Bluebird - Cheerful & Devoted

You are the Bluebird - Cheerful & Devoted

You are cheerful, charismatic and optimistic. People love having you around because of your quality of spreading happiness and optimism wherever you go. You are always there to cheer people up when they feel blue.

You are loyal to your partner and dedicated to your family. You share in the job of caring for your family in whatever role you have whether you are a mother, father, sibling or a grandparent. Your cheerful personality draws a lot of people around you and you love being social and contributing joy to people’s lives. You like working in teams and people love working with you because of your optimism and helpful nature. You are strong, resilient and adaptable and always find a way to weather the storms life brings your way.

About the Bluebird:

Bluebirds are always a delight to encounter with their vibrant plumage and cheerful songs. Known widely as a symbol of happiness, the Bluebird is often a favorite bird across cultures. It is the state bird of New York and Missouri (Eastern Bluebird) and Idaho and Nevada (Mountain Bluebird). Bluebirds are often monogamous and pairs often stay together for the whole season and often breed together for more than one season. Both male and female Bluebirds take turns incubating the eggs and searching for food for the baby birds. Sometimes a young bird from one brood might stay behind in the nest and assist the parents in caring for the second brood. Bluebirds are very social birds and often gather in flocks to forage for food. Bluebirds are strong and resilient and some can often stay and not migrate and get through winter in thickets. Although Eastern Bluebird populations had declined in the last century, their population rebounded after an aggressive campaign of providing nestboxes.

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