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You are the Blue Jay - Intelligent & Bold

You are the Blue Jay - Intelligent & Bold

You are tough, intelligent and competitive and you combine beauty and brains. You take on life as a challenge and you wont let anyone stand in your way. That kind of determined nature earns you both lovers and haters, but you don’t care. Life’s too short to waste time worrying about the haters.

You are devoted to your family and can work with others for a common cause, but when it comes to business you don’t mind driving away anyone who ruffles you feathers or has their eye on your pie! You are outspoken and make a great public speaker – fearless and passionate about your causes, and not afraid to take up a stand for what you believe in. 

About the Blue Jay:

The Blue Jays’ bold colors make them a favorite bird for many but their loud and boisterous personality often attract a bad rep. They are notorious for driving away other birds from feeders. Known as one of the most intelligent birds out there, they also have tight family ties and interesting migratory patterns. Canada’s famous baseball team ‘Toronto Blue Jays’ was named after this bird.

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