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You are the American Robin - Protective & Passionate

You are the American Robin - Protective & Passionate

You are passionate about and protective of your loved ones, your territory and the causes that matter to you. Your outspoken and vocal stance for the things that matter to you can often earn you labels of being ‘excitable’ and ‘intense’ by some, but others are drawn to this passionate charisma and energy.

You are devoted to your family and can be quite social and friendly when you want to. You work with others for common causes but can be quite protective of your family and your territory. You often rise early, ready to take on the day and work for the causes that matter to you. Early morning wanderings and fresh air give you the energy to kick start your day of activity. Those who like you love having you around and seek out your company. 

About the American Robin:

American Robins are the quintessential early birds and known as the harbingers of Spring. They are often loved for their cheerful songs in the Spring and the Summer. Often seen hopping across front and backyards, American Robins can be quite aggressive and excitable when defending their nests and their territory, sometimes fighting their own reflections. The American Robin is the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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