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You are the American Goldfinch - Popular & Exuberant

You are the American Goldfinch - Popular & Exuberant

You are attractive, popular and active. Your exuberance and lively energy make you much sought after at social gatherings and by those who love you. You are quite sociable and rarely like to spend time alone. That isn’t hard since your sunny personality and attractive nature usually draw a crowd of close friends and loved ones around you all the time.

You are extremely energetic and acrobatic and known for your untiring activity, going from one thing to the next and getting things done. You are a risk taker and a challenge doesn’t scare you away. You always enjoy being busy with something because life is too short to be lazy. 

About the American Goldfinch:

The American Goldfinch is native to North America. During the breeding season they can be found from North Carolina to Alberta. They are social birds that gather in large flocks during eating and migrating. Known for their beautiful colors, lovely songs and acrobatic flight patterns they are a bird many birders like attracting to their backyards. The American Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa and Washington.

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