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Quiz: All Bird Personalities


Here are all the bird personality results from the What Bird Are You Quiz:

Hummingbird - Energetic & Independent

You are strong, independent and extremely energetic. You live life to the fullest and never let anything get in your way. You are a go-getter -- constantly moving from one activity to the next, getting things done and still having plenty of time to spare. You love accomplishing so many things in your day. You are great at multi-tasking and can juggle a million things at once.

You aren’t much of a team worker and you don’t like sharing, but you can be pretty social when you want to. You value your alone time and defend your right to have that time and space with fierce vigor. You can’t deny it – you have a sweet tooth! After all, you need the calories to charge all that energy!

About the Hummingbird:

More than 330 species of Hummingbirds live in North and South America. Hummingbirds are the tiniest of all birds but they are extremely energetic and independent. Females often build the nest and raise their brood without the help of the males. They are always busy, constantly flying from place to place. Some Hummingbirds make nonstop flights across the Gulf of Mexico in spring and autumn, consuming 10 times per gram of muscle tissue than the most elite human athletes and marathoners! They migrate alone, not in flocks. Hummingbirds are very territorial and protective of their food and space. A Hummingbird’s metabolism is about a 100 times faster than an elephant’s! They feed on flower nectar, insects and sugar water in Hummingbird feeders.

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Northern Cardinal - Charismatic & Loyal

You are attractive and are a charmer wherever you go. People are drawn to your charismatic personality. And you can easily be everyone’s favorite.

You are the perfect combination of conspicuousness, loyalty and style. But that doesn’t make you showy or arrogant. You are dedicated and humble, loyal to your partner and devoted to your family. You are a great parent and even better provider. Family is important to you and you make sure your family is safe and taken care of. While you like spending time with your partner and your family, you are also social and like to work in groups. You can be protective of your turf and territory, but as long as that isn’t violated you get along with everyone pretty well. You like to settle down in one place as opposed to always being on the move, which is why home is very important to you. You don’t like to move from your home town, but you can easily adapt to changing climates, environments and settings.

About the Northern Cardinal:

Perhaps one of the most beloved birds out there, the Northern Cardinal’s songs and bright plumage make it a favorite bird of many. It is also the state bird of a seven states (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia) and is also the preferred name of a famous baseball team. Cardinals are known for typically being loyal mates and the sweet love serenade when the male feeds the female during breeding. Both male and female cardinals share in the duties of parenthood. Cardinals also spend their time in flocks when searching for food. They can be very territorial and fiercely protect their territory from intruding birds, sometimes even seen fighting their own reflection in a window or mirror. Because of their ability to adapt to different environments, the Northern Cardinals can be found in diverse environments from Florida and Mexico to snowy and cold areas like New York and Canada.

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Bluebird - Cheerful & Devoted

You are cheerful, charismatic and optimistic. People love having you around because of your quality of spreading happiness and optimism wherever you go. You are always there to cheer people up when they feel blue.

You are loyal to your partner and dedicated to your family. You share in the job of caring for your family in whatever role you have whether you are a mother, father, sibling or a grandparent. Your cheerful personality draws a lot of people around you and you love being social and contributing joy to people’s lives. You like working in teams and people love working with you because of your optimism and helpful nature. You are strong, resilient and adaptable and always find a way to weather the storms life brings your way.

About the Bluebird:

Bluebirds are always a delight to encounter with their vibrant plumage and cheerful songs. Known widely as a symbol of happiness, the Bluebird is often a favorite bird across cultures. It is the state bird of New York and Missouri (Eastern Bluebird) and Idaho and Nevada (Mountain Bluebird). Bluebirds are often monogamous and pairs often stay together for the whole season and often breed together for more than one
season. Both male and female Bluebirds take turns incubating the eggs and searching for food for the baby birds. Sometimes a young bird from one brood might stay behind in the nest and assist the parents in caring for the second brood. Bluebirds are very social birds and often gather in flocks to forage for food. Bluebirds are strong and resilient and some can often stay and not migrate and get through winter in thickets. Although Eastern Bluebird populations had declined in the last century, their population rebounded after an aggressive campaign of providing nestboxes.

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Blue Jay - Intelligent & Bold

You are tough, intelligent and competitive and you combine beauty and brains. You take on life as a challenge and you wont let anyone stand in your way. That kind of determined nature earns you both lovers and haters, but you don’t care. Life’s too short to waste time worrying about the haters.

You are devoted to your family and can work with others for a common cause, but when it comes to business you don’t mind driving away anyone who ruffles you feathers or has their eye on your pie! You are outspoken and make a great public speaker – fearless and passionate about your causes, and not afraid to take up a stand for what you believe in. 

About the Blue Jay:

The Blue Jays’ bold colors make them a favorite bird for many but their loud and boisterous personality often attract a bad rep. They are notorious for driving away other birds from feeders. Known as one of the most intelligent birds out there, they also have tight family ties and interesting migratory patterns. Canada’s famous baseball team ‘Toronto Blue Jays’ was named after this bird.

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American Robin - Protective & Passionate

You are passionate about and protective of your loved ones, your territory and the causes that matter to you. Your outspoken and vocal stance for the things that matter to you can often earn you labels of being ‘excitable’ and ‘intense’ by some, but others are drawn to this passionate charisma and energy.

You are devoted to your family and can be quite social and friendly when you want to. You work with others for common causes but can be quite protective of your family and your territory. You often rise early, ready to take on the day and work for the causes that matter to you. Early morning wanderings and fresh air give you the energy to kick start your day of activity. Those who like you love having you around and seek out your company. 

About the American Robin:

American Robins are the quintessential early birds and known as the harbingers of Spring. They are often loved for their cheerful songs in the Spring and the Summer. Often seen hopping across front and backyards, American Robins can be quite aggressive and excitable when defending their nests and their territory, sometimes fighting their own reflections. The American Robin is the state bird of Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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Sparrow - Friendly & Sociable

You are friendly and gregarious, and you love being around your flock. You are easy-going, humble and extremely adaptable and can make much out of what others would consider insignificant. You aren’t picky and can be quite easy to please. Those who like having you around admire this particular quality of turning scraps into gold and adding some cheer to an otherwise dull environment.

Although you get along with others quite well, you can get aggressive sometimes when it comes to protecting your territory. You are generally low key and unobtrusive and as long as you get what you need – which you most often have a knack to find – you can happily adapt to any environment without much fuss. 

About the Sparrow:

One of the most common birds around the world, the sparrow is a bird almost anyone can recognize. There are about three dozen species of Sparrows in North America. Most sparrows are relatively small birds and usually brown or gray colored. They often live around humans and aren’t shy to fly close by. Sparrows are often frequent visitors to backyard feeders and often travel and forage in groups. They are often great at thriving on the scraps that humans and other birds may consider insignificant and can adapt to almost any environment. While some seem to be annoyed by their ubiquity, others appreciate the song and cheer they can bring to their surroundings.


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Lovebird - Affectionate & Entertaining

You are loyal to and affectionate with your partner and you aren’t shy to display that love in front of others. People often call you the cute couple that is sweet and playful and a pleasure to be around. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some who are put off by what they call your ‘public displays of affection’, but you don’t care. As long as you and your partner are happy, you are least concerned about what others think.

You normally don’t pick up a fight, but you can be quite aggressive if someone hurts your partner or threatens your turf. Otherwise, you are easy to get along with, talkative and energetic. Those who love you, enjoy having you around. 

About Lovebirds:

A favorite among bird enthusiasts and a popular pet, Lovebirds - a small genus of the parrot - trace their origins to the African continent. Any Lovebirds that you see in the United States are usually part of feral populations that have either escaped from the aviary or remnants of an abandoned aviary. They are often a symbol of love in popular culture and are monogamous birds that love their partner and engage in play and feeding activities that strengthen that bond. The birds can sometimes be territorial and aggressive with other species.

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American Goldfinch - Popular & Exuberant

You are attractive, popular and active. Your exuberance and lively energy make you much sought after at social gatherings and by those who love you. You are quite sociable and rarely like to spend time alone. That isn’t hard since your sunny personality and attractive nature usually draw a crowd of close friends and loved ones around you all the time.

You are extremely energetic and acrobatic and known for your untiring activity, going from one thing to the next and getting things done. You are a risk taker and a challenge doesn’t scare you away. You always enjoy being busy with something because life is too short to be lazy. 

About the American Goldfinch:

The American Goldfinch is native to North America. During the breeding season they can be found from North Carolina to Alberta. They are social birds that gather in large flocks during eating and migrating. Known for their beautiful colors, lovely songs and acrobatic flight patterns they are a bird many birders like attracting to their backyards. The American Goldfinch is the state bird of New Jersey, Iowa and Washington.

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