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9 Reasons Why You Should Include Nature And Birds In Your Home Décor

August 23, 2018

9 Reasons Why You Should Include Nature And Birds In Your Home Décor

Research is discovering why embracing the natural is the way to go in interior design. Nature-inspired elements promote healing, positivity and well-being. We explore some of the findings and conclusions of the science below.

Scientists are finding that surrounding ourselves with nature and birds, and even images, depictions and art of nature, has a positive impact on well-being.

1. Using Nature In Interior Design Promotes Healing

Health-care design today is focusing on nature-inspired elements to enhance the healing quality of a space. Experts believe adding elements like plants, nature embodied artwork, decorative elements or views of green courtyards and landscape can uplift the healing properties in any space.

"Just looking at landscaping has been shown to lower blood pressure," says Dawn Gum, director of interior architecture at the national firm EwingCole.

Healing Nature Art in interior

2. Nature-Inspired Elements In Interior Design Improve Productivity

Biophilic Design is one of the latest trends in office space planning and interior design. It involves bringing the outdoors into interior design, through exposure to green spaces, images or views of the natural environment or nature-inspired design elements. Researchers believe that including nature-inspired elements in the interior helps promote a sense of well-being, improves health and improves productivity and concentration.

greenery in office spaces

3. Surrounding Yourself With Nature Lowers Stress And Depression

Studies have found associations between lower levels of anxiety, depression and stress and the number of birds, plants and trees people see.

Being Around Nature makes us calmer

4. Birds Around The Home Can Make Us Happier

“‘Birds around the home, and nature in general, show great promise in preventative health care, making cities healthier, happier places to live,” says Dr. Daniel Cox, lead author of a study titled "Doses of Neighborhood Nature: The Benefits for Mental Health of Living with Nature".

So, bring on more bird feeders and bird baths to enjoy those moments of backyard birding in the comfort of you own home. 

Being around birds make us happy

5. Depictions And Art Of Nature Have Similar Effects

But it doesn't just stop at the bird feeders in your backyard or balcony and the landscape views in outdoor hikes. Even depictions and art of nature, trees and birds that we decorate our homes with can have similar effects of lowering stress, anxiety and promoting calmness, positivity and well-being.

More reason to decorate your home with nature-inspired art and home decor items. 

Bird art home decor

6. "Virtual Nature" Can Improve Sense of Well-being too

Sue Thomas, author of the book, “Technobiophilia” which explores the online prevalence of nature-derived metaphors and imagery says, “Virtual nature can work just as well,” in improving sense of well-being and helping soothe moods and increasing productivity.

Virtual nature

7. Even Just Memories Of Nature Can Have Restorative Effects

The concept of nearby nature, first coined by environmental psychologists Rachel and Stephen Kaplan in the 80s, suggests that just the thought of the natural world - the smell of summer grass, for instance, or the memory of a walk by the river – can have a restorative effect and increase well-being.

Nature promotes happiness

8. Even 3D Experiences Of Nature Promote Calmness

Experiments have found that subjects have had calmer physiological responses even when exposed to 15 minutes of nature scenes and birdsong in a 3D virtual reality room than when in a regular room.

More reason to add bird feeders to bring the sound of chirping birds into your home. Adding small desktop water fountains can also help achieve some of the soothing sounds of water in the home. 

The positive effect of 3D nature scenes

9. Nature-Inspired Art Reduces Stress 

Research has found it's a good idea to surround yourselves with nature, not just outdoors but indoors as well. Surveys have found that art in the workplace, more than just being “merely decorative”, has a significant effect on reducing stress and increasing productivity.

So whether its the nature-inspired wall art canvas, or those pillow covers with trees, flowers or birds, it's always a good idea to invite nature inside your home!


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