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Do your part for Hummingbirds on National Hummingbird Day

August 29, 2018

Do your part for Hummingbirds on National Hummingbird Day

On National Hummingbird Day (September 1st, 2018) 10% of each sale will be donated to The Hummingbird Society!

There’s no better time than now to protect these beautiful little birds.

Hummingbirds are a widely loved bird species. The first Saturday of September is celebrated as National Hummingbird Day.

To celebrate this day, we will be collaborating with The Hummingbird Society in their efforts to save the Juan Fernández Firecrown which is one of the most critically endangered Hummingbird species.

The remaining species of the Juan Fernández Firecrown can only be found on a tiny 36-square mile island of Chile named Isla Robinson Crusoe. Habitat degradation has contributed to the decline of this stunning hummingbird species.

The Hummingbird Society works with local organizations to help conserve this critically endangered species.

On National Hummingbird Day, we will be donating 10% of each sale to The Hummingbird Society and they will use it towards their conservation efforts for the Juan Fernández Firecrown.

Shop at our store on Saturday and make a difference for Hummingbirds!

It’s a win-win! With each purchase you get your favorite products and contribute towards a great cause!


More about the Juan Fernández Firecrown:

  • The male and female Juan Fernández Firecrown differ so greatly they were once considered separate species.
  • The male Juan Fernández Firecrown is a fiery rufous orange while the female is a stunning dark green and white.
  • Juan Fernández Firecrown are relatively large Hummingbirds about 5 inches in length.

To learn more about this critically endangered Hummingbird species you can watch this video by The Hummingbird Society: Click here

Sources for information: The Hummingbird Society and American Bird Conservancy

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