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20+ Best Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

November 16, 2017

20+ Best Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

If you are on this page, chances are you or someone you know loves birds.

For some, it’s the magical freedom to fly without boundaries, the symbolism and the characteristics that these creatures hold, and for others it is the undeniable connection to the natural world that they provide. You can watch birds and feel a closeness to nature like no other.

So whether it’s for yourself or for someone you know who is mesmerized by birds, we hope you can find some inspiration in this gift guide we have put together for gift ideas that can bring joy and value to those you love.

It’s always a good idea to get holiday gifts early to avoid the last minute rush and shipping and logistics delays. It pays to be an early bird in this season!

This holiday season give the gift of chirpiness and warmth to your loved ones with these creative present ideas:

For those who love home decor:

1. Bird pillow covers

These bird pillow/cushion covers are all the rage these days with bird lovers of all types. Exquisite and colourful, they are the perfect gift for the friend or loved one who loves birds, home décor or just their lounging time! The cardinal designs also make for great winter decor and a great holiday gift!

Available here: Bird Pillow covers - Vintage Style 

2. Bird placemats

Another special idea for the home décor enthusiast bird lover, these placemats of the same design are also a great add on or gift on their own. They will bring their own special warmth and cheer to the dining table this holiday season!

Available here: Bird Placemats - Vintage Style

3. Bird shower curtains

Who knew there were so many ways you could decorate your interior with birds? These shower curtains add color and chirpiness to the shower and are another great gift idea.

Available here: Birds On A Tree Shower Curtains

4. Bird wall decals

An easy and inexpensive way to include birds in your interior, bird wall decals can add elegance and style to any room and breathe life into any wall. These wall stickers are self-adhesive and easy to install and can instantly transform the atmosphere in any room. They can be used on walls, windows, cupboards or tiles and add a magical ambience to the room.

Available here: Bird Wall Decals

5. Color Changing 3D Illusion Lamp

An innovative gift idea for those who like unique products and love birds and nature. This 3D Illusion Color Changing Hummingbird Lamp can add a magical effect to any room. Also available in other designs of Owl and Swan.

Available here: 3D Illusion Color Changing Hummingbird Lamp

6. Swan Cutlery Caddy

This elegant cutlery caddy is a great gift for bird lovers. It will add warmth and style to any meal. 

Available here: Swan Cutlery Caddy

For those who love birding gear:

7. Bird Feeders

Bird feeders come in a wide variety from humming bird feeders and gazebo feeders to window feeders and artisan feeders. Choose a style and design that works best for your loved ones’ homes and backyards.

Available here: Window Hummer Hummingbird Feeder or Gazebo Wood Bird Feeder

8. Birdhouses

Birdhouses come in a wide variety of designs for different homes, backyards and birds. Whether you go for something fancy and fun like the white house birdhouse or something simple like the wooden bird house pictured above, there is a huge variety to choose from depending on how you want them to look or which birds you want to attract. 

Available here: White House Birdhouse or Garden Bluebird Birdhouse

9. Birding binoculars

If you have a hardcore birder you want to buy a gift for, binoculars are the way to go. Depending on your budget, there is a wide variety to choose from.

You could choose some of the best and most expensive ones like ZEISS Victory SF or or go for more affordable yet quality ones like Eagle Optics Ranger ED 8x32 Binocular

10. Birdbaths

Birdbaths also come in a wide variety of types. Go for the one that best suits the needs and interests of your loved ones and their homes.

Available here: Special Aged Granite Finish Birdbath

11. Solar powered bird bath fountain

If your loved one or you yourself, already have a bird bath or pond, this is a cool gadget to add to the mix. Not only does it attract more birds, but it saves electricity and bills. 

Available here: Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain

For those who love to read and learn more about birds:

12. The Sibley Field Guides

One of the most well-known sources of information on avian life, The Sibley Field Guides to Birds of Western North America and The Sibley Field Guides to Birds of Eastern North America is used by both novice and expert birders. These books are an excellent gift for the readers and the fact-lovers on your list.

Available here: The Sibley Field Guides to Birds of Western North America or The Sibley Field Guides to Birds of Eastern North America

13. Membership to a Conservancy organization

Gift the birder in your life a membership to a bird conservancy organization. Having membership to an organization that helps the cause of bird conservation like Bird Studies Canada or American Bird Conservancy will help your loved ones feel they belong to something big and purposeful. In addition to that, they can enjoy the subscription to the magazine, news and event updates that help them keep up to date with their passions.

Available here: Bird Studies Canda membership or American Bird Conservancy membership

14. National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America

A great gift to backyard birdwatchers, with a lot of useful information and facts bird lovers would love reading through.

Available here: National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America

For those who love jewelry and acessories:

15. Bird charm bracelets

Know someone who loves birds and likes to celebrate their passion by showing it off in accessories? Charm bracelets like these are a great option for such people. You can choose from the vintage style and chic looks or the more elegant Pandora-style bracelets. There are a lot of options.

Available here: Bird and Tree Charm Bracelet or Braided Leather Bird Charm Bracelets

16. Bird-themed necklaces

Bird themed necklaces are another great option to consider when choosing a gift for a loved one who is passionate about birds. They provide the perfect combination of gift material and personal touch to suit your loved one’s passions and obsessions. You can choose from the vintage style pendants or the more delicate and elegant ones.

Available here: Vintage Bird Glass Pendant 

17. Hummingbird ring

Do you know someone who loves hummingbirds? This hummingbird ring would be the perfect gift for them! With its colourful and stunning design, it is sure to become a favorite.

Available here: Hummingbird Ring

18. Glow in the dark necklaces

Glow in the dark pendants of birds and owls are another unique gift idea, especially if you are looking for a gift for a young bird lover or those young at heart! It’s the perfect combination of cool and unique. Owl lovers would especially be mesmerized by this glow in the dark owl necklace.

Available here: Glow In The Dark Owl Necklace

19. Bird earrings

These silver bird earrings are the perfect combination of elegant holiday gift and a gift with a personal touch. Jewelry like this helps your loved ones celebrate their passions with style.

 Available here: Silver Bird Stud Earrings

 20. Bird-themed scarves


Providing your loved one with the perfect accessory to cozy up with this holiday season is another great idea. These bird and nature printed scarves have the perfect pop of color and bird love to become a favorite.

Available: Bird and Nature Printed Scarves

For those who love kitchen and dinning acessories:

21. Cardinal Platter or Dinner Plates

Perfect for the holiday table and to add a warm pop of color to any meal, these Cardinal Serving Platter and Dinner Plates are the most exquisite gift for the moms, grandmoms or wives who love their special dinnerware.

Available here: Cardinal Serving Platter and Cardinal Dinner Plates

22. Bird Mugs

Everyone needs that special mug that has two things they love: their favorite drink and their favorite symbol. For bird lovers, this makes the perfect gift. Choose their favorite bird and give them a special mug as a present. 

Available here: Bird Mugs and Bird Mugs 2


23. Decorative Ceramic Bird Plates

These decorative ceramic bird plates make a great gift for the bird lover in your life. Cute and functional, they are excellent for those who love birds and bird-inspired dinnerware and decorations. 

Available here: Leafy Perch Decorative Bird Plate

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